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When is the last time you did something for yourself? You ARE worth the investment. I believe in empowering women through photography. Your session with me is a high end experience and you will be pampered the whole way through. I offer artistic coaching to help you achieve the perfect pose. I also offer same day viewing and ordering. I have a gorgeous client closet with around 2500 pieces ranging from 00-5XL that is available for all my clients. All collections come with professional hair and makeup. 

You are beautiful, you are strong and I would love for you to step in front of my camera and allow me to show you the parts of yourself that are uniquely and beautifully you! I strive to show every single woman who walks into my studio to see the amazing parts of herself that she didn’t know existed. 

Whatever the reason; just because, birthday, celebration, fitness journey, milestones in your life or perhaps you are on a personal self discovery. Let Marlayne help you see yourself as you are now in a positive light. 

Let me show you how amazing you truly are and how I can make this experience unforgettable for you.

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Our gorgeous in-home studio will absolutely blow your mind! We have two different rooms to choose from – each has it's own vibe and feel, so you're truly walking into a very diverse space. We also offer milk bath sessions and shower scenes that our clients absolutely love! No matter what your personal style is, we have something just for you!

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"I had the most AMAZING time at my boudoir photoshoot and had the BEST experience with Marlayne. This was my first time doing a boudoir shoot and I really wanted to find someone with experience in boudoir but also a person who had a comfortable fun presence about them and Marlayne was that person! She is so talented in all aspects of her job! The poses, the beautiful edits, the sweet encouragement. She loves what she does and you really can see that in her work. I love the way she encourages people to love their bodies, and I love her beautiful personality. This experience was everything and more then I thought it would be. I loved feeling glamourous and I loved feeling good in my body. I encourage you beautiful women to love your bodies and take that step and do a Boudoir photoshoot with Marlayne, you wont regret it!"

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– Miss z –


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"My boudoir photoshoot with Marlayne and Stephine was incredible! The entire experience was so much more than I expected. From the constant communication leading up to the day, the warmth radiating from Marlayne and Stephine. Everything!! I felt like I was having morning brunch with my girlfriends. That made it easier for me to relax during the shoot. I wish this was an experience I could afford every week! The professionalism and expertise in your craft, I am sure goes unmatched. And the end product!!! OMG! Phenomenal! I keep looking at the pictures asking myself “who is that fine woman right there?” All my love and gratitude!"

– Miss J –


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"It can be difficult to find a photographer for boudoir that makes you feel as comfortable as this team but Marlayne & Stephine make you feel more than just comfortable. They take your personal taste and style from your hair, makeup, and choice of lingerie (a HUGE client closet!!) shoes to match, and then a room to match that style!! The studio is filled with different options to choose from for the perfect shot! Marlayne was fantastic to work with it and I look forward to doing it more and more! Afterwards I always leave with not only beautiful pictures but a high self love and self confidence that just shines! Thank you Marlayne for all that you do! Inside and out."

– Miss M –


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"If you have been considering booking a session, DO IT! It was truly a life-changing experience and I now see myself in a way in which I never have before. It’s so easy for us ladies to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and we tend to neglect ourselves and forget how sexy we truly are. I can honestly say I have never felt more sexy in my life! Ever since my session back in January I have suggested it to all of my friends because it is so worth it. I left my session feeling like I had made two new best friends and I had just finished a runway show. The entire experience was just incredible! My man enjoyed my pictures, too! Think of it as an investment in yourself. You are worth it!"