What can you expect when you have a session with Marlayne Larsen Boudoir Artistry? To get things started, you will come to my in-home studio, located in South Stafford Va. We have a wide variety of scenes for any taste. When you come in for your session you will get to choose between one to three different rooms, depending on the collection you choose.

First, we have an all white bedroom with a beautiful bed and matching vanity with a large ornate mirror. This is the perfect romantic scene. 

Second, we have the Boho room. One of our favorite pieces is the huge peacock chair adorned with rich toned florals. There are baskets a plenty and a beautiful cream canopy opposite a floral wall. 

Third, we have the industrial room. This room has a brown leather couch. Along with a brick wall and some beautiful natural light coming in. We also have a large six foot gold mirror which is great for amazing mirror shots. 

Fourth, we offer floral milk baths and shower scenes. Please inquire about these special sets. 

Session Details

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You will be greeted upon arrival and offered a beverage of your choice. You will then spend the next hour or so in the chair where we get to know you on a more personal level while getting you all glammed up. Don't forget, we offer an extensive Client Closet with over 2500 pieces ranging in size from XS-5XL. The use of the closet is available to all our clients for their sessions. 

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Client Closet

Our Client Closet is filled with over a thousand pieces ranging in size from XS-5XL. This closet is available to all our clients for their sessions. 

We will spend about one to two hours, depending on your collection, taking your portraits. 

When we are happy with everything, we will have you get dressed and then we will sit down together to look over your images. This is the HARD part. You will have so many beautiful images to go through. It really is tough to narrow them down so most ladies always end up purchasing more. 

Per the contract, I ask that you please allow up to three weeks for the return of any digital files. If you have prints or products, there is an extended time above the initial three weeks. I do hand edit each photo carefully and we go over all of that and what you like best when we are deciding on your photos. 

That’s it. Just leave the rest up to us. We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel beautiful and confident. 

The Process

we are so hard on ourselves and try to live up to completely unrealistic expectations that can be thrown in our faces & make us think we are less than perfect. Girls... you ARE perfect. And, after a photoshoot, I promise you that you will finally be able to not only see that but FEEL that. Your spouse will undoubtedly adore the photographs, as will you. And I promise you the inner fire that she's able to ignite is something that she not only captures on camera but is something you deserve to feel. 

As women...

You are so worth it.

miss d

{past client}

Powerful words of affirmation from past clients




Typically about four hours. You will need to add it subtract time depending on which collection you choose. Each collection has an allotted amount of digital images and outfits/scenes. Depending on which collection you choose, that will determine how much time you should expect to be at the studio. 



No worries girl, we’ve got you covered! Marlayne guides you and coaches you all the way down to the placement of your hands, the pointing of your toes and where to look and even how to breath.



We prefer that you do NOT bring a friend. With yourself, an assistant, Marlayne and studio lighting, it can get a little crowded in the studio. This session is one hundred percent about you and we don’t want to take away from that. 



You obviously have a body. ALL bodies are beautiful bodies and deserve to feel beautiful, confident and sexy. Step in front of my camera and let me show you how amazing you are! 



Look, every single woman can find something about herself that she’s insecure about. We’re here to show you that you are beautiful just the way you are right now. Turn off those negative comments in your head and show yourself some grace. 



We take care of it all, girl. We offer a Client Closet with over 1000 pieces (sizes 00-5XL). I have an in-house professional Hair and Makeup Artist who will glam you up! I'll direct you through the entire process. Each collection comes with a set amount of downloadable digital images, some include prints and products. Also, you get to review and select your images immediately following your session.



We typically book out 4 months in advance. However, you can book a session with us as far as twelve months out.



We do. Depending on which collection you choose we can come up with an interest-free payment plan that works for you.

All sessions must be paid in full 48 hours prior to your scheduled session.



Per the contract, I ask that you please allow up to three weeks for the return of any digital images. If you have prints or products, that can take an additional three weeks for delivery. If you need your images and/or prints by a certain date, please keep this in mind. 


Collections starting at $899 and Includes: 
  • Professional makeup, strip lashes, and hair curl
  • Use of our extensive client closet 
  • Coaching in posing 
  • Artistic editing of chosen images 
  • Digital images with option to purchase more
  • Same day reveal 
  • Online gallery so you have access to your images

01 / 05

First and foremost, THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me something that I couldn't give myself for many many years...confidence and self-love. I walked in literally with shaking hands and negative thoughts of I would’nt be as beautiful as other women, I'd be judged, I’d feel silly, etc. But within mere minutes I was at ease and your amazing ability to make women feel beautiful not only calmed my nerves but also made any negative thoughts disappear. The makeup, hair, lingerie, lighting,...it all makes you look absolutely beautiful but it's the inner beauty that begins to grow and that was something that I had lost. Your gift allowed me to not only feel beautiful but also to really deep down KNOW that I was beautiful. To accept and love my body, embrace it and be proud of it. As all women should!

Also, to any women that are thinking of doing a shoot with Marlayne....go now. Don't let your own negative thoughts get in the way of such an amazing experience that will leave you feeling on top of the world. A million times thank you, D

Miss D

02 / 05

This is the hardest review I’ve ever written, but only because, I want people to truly understand how amazing this experience is. You walk into a room with two women that immediately make you feel welcome and confident. They do your hair and make up to bring out the best in you, they make you laugh, they make you come out of your shell, and they make you feel like you’re on top of the world. They help you find an outfit, or object, that suits your body and they pose you from head to toe during your shoot. Then, just when you feel like your day couldn’t possibly get any better, you sit next to Marlayne and look at jaw dropping images of yourself, and wonder if that’s really you. 

I came in happy with myself, but I left loving myself, smiling, and feeling brand new. Every woman should treat themselves to this experience. Your height, weight, and body type don’t matter at all when you step into this room. You WILL NOT regret doing this...... but you will leave trying to figure out when you’ll be able to come back! 

Miss S

03 / 05

My experience with Marlayne and Stephine has changed my life. As a “full figured” woman, I have struggled with self acceptance. Marlayne taught me to love my body and myself as a whole. They both poured into me and helped me to empower myself. The journey I am on to self discovery started the day I signed my contract. My pre consultation left me feeling very excited and ready to do the damn thing. I had no expectations coming into my session, however it was AMAZING. Following my session, I left on such a high and it flat out inspired me to really get to know myself. I was so full of love, I was pouring it out EVERYWHERE. I recently had my second session with Marlayne and Stephine and I didn’t think the photos could get any better, especially for being a mere five months apart. This last session BLEW MY MIND. Marlayne’s creativity in the studio is ever growing. From new client closet pieces to the different options and designs of all the rooms. Any woman would be hard pressed to not fall in love with herself after her session whether it’s for the first time or the hundredth time. I left that day feeling like I had two new best friends who are continually supportive and uplifting. 

Miss E

04 / 05

Your talent and studio is one of the best in VA! So many different scenes/backgrounds to choose from. Why I only trust YOU to photograph me!

As a photographer myself, I know exactly what I want in a session. You’ve killed it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have had several sessions with Marlayne. All of women have insecurities but TRUST the process and amazing professionals, have FUN and let your guard down.

You’d be surprised how many times you feel like you’re in an awkward pose but then you see the image(s) and your mind is blown because it’s absolutely amazing! I love that you offer so much to your clients. Marlayne and Stephine really care about their clients. 

Miss R

05 / 05

Where to begin? Marlayne and Stephine are nothing short of incredible. From the moment I entertained the idea of booking a boudoir shoot, Marlayne was available for a consultation and continuous Q&A. Leading up to my appointment, Marlayne and Stephanie provided support and encouragement through their social media platforms. On the day of my shoot, I was blown away by their level of professionalism and the quality of the studio, client closet, and makeup products. I am so grateful for their attentiveness, patience, and kindness that they put into my boudoir experience. I would choose them ten times over again if I had the opportunity. 

Thank you for bringing my vision to life and for capturing the best photos I could have asked for.

Miss K

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