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A look into Miss C’s session Stafford, Va Boudoir Photographer Marlayne Larsen Self Love self acceptance

September 22, 2022

In third grade, you get your first lessons in genetics. From then on (if not earlier), you begin to identify with your ethnicity. 

But Miss C is biracial and never felt she fit into either of those identities because she did not look like anyone else she knew. Instead, she felt like an outcast and would never meet the “ideal beauty standard.” This identity crisis led to many years of self-esteem issues and even some discrimination later in life. However, it wasn’t until Miss C found herself in my studio for her first session that she discovered that she was uniquely her. She now embraces the differences that make her special. Miss C has done two sessions and has a third one booked for the new studio. The variety that I offered was one thing that attracted her to book with me. Still, the luxurious experience and scene variety has also kept her coming back! 

Her Come Back

Splurging on her sessions is her favorite form of self-love, but acting as a moderator allows her to relive her experience vicariously through every client. The reveal videos are her drug LOL. The serotonin boost she gets from watching them and anticipating them is incredibly satisfying. As a woman with little knowledge/experience of makeup application, Miss C is always astounded when she sees Amanda’s skills come to fruition. 

Miss C is attracted to the positive vibe I strive to keep on the Facebook VIP page. It shows her that I have a genuine passion for empowering women, and she can proudly attest to the effects of my efforts. Miss C is excited to join my moderator team and looks forward to paying it forward. As many had in her photos following her first session, she wishes to take a more active role in uplifting women. She sees how infectious it is to encourage others and hopes they feel emboldened by the empowerment the Facebook VIP group gives us. 

Breaking Free

Following her sessions, she no longer compares herself to others and embraces her exotic looks. No longer did Miss C feel devalued, incapable, and undeserving. On the contrary, her boudoir experiences boosted her self-confidence and self-worth during her first session. But participating in the VIP group taught her that placing and enforcing boundaries is vital for her mental health, and she deserved so much more.

Miss C knows all too well the work it takes to build your identity and self-confidence from the ground up. However, the self-love she discovered for herself gave her the courage to leave her toxic marriage. Miss C would come to the VIP group on hard days for positivity, encouragement, and support. Having strong and encouraging women pursuing the same goal (self-empowerment and self-love) gave her perseverance and helped her navigate difficult times. 


Miss C is excited to return to the studio, and I look forward to the changes I see in her through my lens. This beautiful butterfly has gone through quite the metamorphosis since I came to know her less than two years ago. 

She does NOT need anyone to rescue her. She is strong, bold, capable, and radiating outward.

Getting to know my clients in such an intimate setting sometimes gives me a shortcut into their souls and desires. If those studio walls could talk, they would be able to tell you the stories of hundreds of women from all walks of life. So many of you significantly impact my heart and mind, and I am constantly motivated by you all. So take a chance on something new, and schedule your session.

If you’d like to hear more stories like these please feel free to join our amazing womens only VIP group on FB by clicking the highlighted link. You must answer the questions before submitting your request.

HMUA: That First look by Amanda Marsh

“I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin! Growing up bi-racial was difficult, nobody looks like you, I don’t look like anybody. The standard of beauty is always a certain image out there. It wasn’t until I left that studio, that I FELT BEAUTIFUL!”

Miss C

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