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Miss C’s Story

May 13, 2022

The most beautiful thing about being my job is that I listen to your reasons why you chose to do a session. But then, I also get to witness you transform through many stages as the session progresses. While each of your reasonings and stories touches me differently, there are a few that touch my soul and make me feel blessed to be able to help you find yourself again.

*Before you read on, be aware that this blog entry contains sexual assault triggers*

Miss C is a sexual assault victim and survivor. Her experience played into her decision to book her session in significant ways. She had reported her rapist, but she never received proper justice. Instead, she felt dehumanized while making her report and pursuing justice. In addition, she experienced continuous trauma at work due to sharing a space with her offender. Her mental health suffered greatly, which was already precarious because of PPD. Her mental health struggles affected many relationships in her life, and many did not survive her assault.

Thankfully, her spouse stuck by her side through it all and was the shining example of a support person. But the lasting effects of this trauma will be with her moving forward in all aspects of life. This one moment has forever altered her path in life. Now, she is in the process of a medical separation from the military instead of pursuing further professional opportunities.

Her ‘reasons why’ were to empower herself, some intensive self-love, and build trust in her decisions. She also needed to regain her sense of self and control over her body. Usually, Miss C did not like going to unknown places without her husband to ease her new social anxiety. Still, she felt that my studio was a safe space and accepted all the attention that Amanda and I gave to her. Miss C loves the lasting effects of her sessions with me. While she has been through intensive therapy, her sessions with me act as another form of treatment. She can see through my lens that she is more than a victim. She is a bold, beautiful, and daring woman. Through her participation in my VIP Facebook group, she has gained many other genuine women who support her and make up for her lost relationships.

Although her husband was shocked that she chose to book a boudoir session, he was very supportive of her and anxious to see ‘the goods’. Miss C frequently states that her session with me led to her newest pregnancy (LOL). She has since been back in my studio one other time and swears she will book another. When a client returns for a second session, their understanding of the process helps alleviate anxieties and allows them to enjoy it more. In Miss C’s experience, she felt even more at ease and trusted me. So much so that we could get a little bit more provocative with her photos. She could better embrace her sexuality and feel less shame towards her body, which is evident in her photos.

–Miss C has shared explicit consent to share all details surrounding her experience, how it has affected her, and my role in her recovery. I applaud her bravery and thank her for her willingness to share. Miss C is beginning to see the transformation in herself. I am so glad I could assist in her healing from this traumatic experience. We both hope that this post could benefit others who share a similar story.

If you’ve been a victim of sexual assault or need to talk with someone please use the resources below

National Sexual Assault HotlineHours: Available 24 hours 1-800-656-4673

  1. Julie K says:

    Her comfort and growth is evident her photos. Thank you Miss C for sharing your story.🥰

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