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Miss M’s Session

June 10, 2022

Were you nervous about your session?

1,000% Yes!

What did you like best about your boudoir experience?

I liked how Professional Marlayne and Amanda were from beginning to end. You can tell that they have done this for a while and really know how to engage with their customers. Although I had my insecurities about my body, I didn’t feel body shamed or judge working with them. I also liked the amount of time that is blocked for the shoot, I didn’t feel rushed but I felt it was just enough time for taking pictures. I liked how “on the fly” things were and how it wasn’t scripted or had to be one way or the other. Honestly, I just liked their realness.

What inspired you to book a boudoir session?

I have always wanted to do it but have never felt secure in my own skin to do it.

What made you choose a Marlayne Larsen Boudoir Artistry?

I have reached out to other companies but they were very standard/canned statement/scripted type conversations. With Marlayne, it was like talking to a friend and she was so encouraging and uplifting. Also, when I joined the FB page, it was so refreshing to see the empowerment amongst the group and Marlayne and Amanda are the reason for it. They created this safe space for women of all shapes and sizes to come together and just cheer each other on. It’s a beautiful thing and something we need more of in our society!

Did the experience help give you a more positive perception of yourself?

Yes! I was able to see myself in a way that I always dreamt about.

Would you recommend this experience to a friend?

1,000% Yes

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