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Miss “P” Beautiful Session

September 14, 2021

I was a little nervous about my session, from being almost naked in front of the camera and being awkward. I was also equally as excited! I kept telling myself it was excited nerves verses anxious nerves. I was also a little nervous about makeup, I love makeup and wear it everyday but worried about the amount of makeup compared to what I’m use too, told Stephine I’ve been wearing the same type and style since high school. Honestly, I loved the whole experience! Marlayne and Stephine were so welcoming, made me feel like one of their girlfriends. At one point I even felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women, when she was shopping at the nice store, as I’m sitting in the chair, getting makeup done and Marlayne comes out with outfits and is so excited showing me them and I’m like yes, yes! I love the encouragement during the shoot and the ability to see photos during session, helped boast my self-esteem. Also loved ability to see photos right away at the end and go through and pick them out. I had been following the page for a while after seeing Molly advertise on a local page and was always interested. One day I said to myself, “you know what, I can sit here and think oh I should do that one day, or just go for it!!” So I did it!. I honestly loved the pictures I saw from previous clients but also all the wonderful comments from ladies in the group. They were so uplifting and genuinely awesome, I felt like the community was a direct reflection of the work and wanted to be part of it. Going through the experience now I realize even more the power of the ladies comments, and will make sure to comment more! Yes, I was like damn, thats me? Looking at some of the unedited photos. Still a little unreal but so uplifting, all the positive comments from Marlayne and Stephine too were so kind during the process. I’m still hard on myself and not a fan of compliments but definitely feel more empowered confident women after the experience. Absolutely recommend! Already trying to convince my mom and ready for my second shoot! I absolutely loved the experience! I appreciate you allowing me to take a photo of your photo, I think my only regret was me not snapping a few more as I wait anxiously for all the finals!



  1. Tosha says:

    Beautiful, absolutely and totally beautiful

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