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Mr M and Mrs B Couples Session

April 29, 2022

Our partners often feel the lasting effects of a singles boudoir session when our self-confidence is overflowing following your session, but can you imagine the boost that your partner would get from seeing them in a couples boudoir session!? Everyone has insecurities, even your partner, but I bet nothing makes you feel sexier than those bedroom eyes given by your partner. It is apparent in every couple’s boudoir session. That ease between couples helps relax your apprehension when letting me into those vulnerable moments. Of course, a boudoir session is innately intimate, but when you mix in the interactions of two lovers in intimate wear, it shows passion, confidence, compatibility, and trust. In this session, Sir M and Miss B allowed me to capture the love that they share for one another. These photos will be the envy of all that see them! Not because of their bodies, but because their chemistry was evident in every pose. These sessions require specialized training that I stay updated with, but technically, they do not align with my business goals. In which I aim to empower women! But, in keeping my skills fresh and flexing my creativity, I offer these downright SEXY sessions from time to time. Stay tuned, though; you may begin to see more…

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