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Mrs C’s Story

June 25, 2022

*Trigger warning* this post has many controversial topics. It is the story of one of my clients. It does not reflect my personal beliefs, nor am I here to pass judgment on my clients. My business is to empower women, and I pride myself on supporting women in all walks of life.


Miss C is a previous boudoir client of mine. She has had two healthy biological children. That is why her miscarriage caught her and her family by utter surprise. Early in her pregnancy, she was experiencing some bleeding, so she went to the ER. It was then that the doctors told her that she was experiencing a miscarriage and she should go home and let nature take its course. Heartbroken, she went home. When five more days passed, and she was still bleeding, she called her OB, told them what the ER had said, and they got her in for an earlier appointment. While there, they rechecked her urine levels and got an ultrasound, and they told her that she was, in fact, still pregnant. Her doctors informed her that her bleeding was from a hemorrhagic cyst that had burst. She was close to her 12-week mark, so they took some blood work, and Miss C was put on bed and pelvic rest.

When the results of her blood work came back, her doctors scheduled her for a phone consult. Knowing this was not standard practice, she and her husband prepared themselves for news of a chromosonal disorder such as down-syndrome. Due to their pro-life religious beliefs, they had decided they would give all to Aden, no matter his difference. However, they were unprepared for the news that Aden had tested positive for Trisomy 13. To confirm their diagnosis, Miss C underwent an ultrasound. The doctors, Miss C, and her husband could see the various physical abnormalities there. The doctors told Miss C it was one of the worst cases of Trisomy 13 that they had ever seen. It was highly emotional for them to see their sweet baby Aden in that way. Baby Aden would need countless surgeries if he made it to term.

The Decision

Following her ultrasound, Miss C was given three options. 1) Carry on with the pregnancy, knowing he would likely pass before birth 2) Carry to term, knowing Aden would likely die shortly after. 3) Termination. So naturally, Miss C’s first question for her doctors was to see how much Aden was suffering. The doctors informed her that he was not suffering and could not feel pain, but he would in the coming weeks and after he was born. Miss C and her husband left that appointment with heavy hearts. It was not a situation that they ever believed they would find themselves in. On the contrary, their wish was to keep Aden from feeling pain. It was that knowledge that ultimately led to their decision. But, as grace would have it, the decision was taken from them when Aden passed around 18 weeks.

Their loss took an emotional toll on Miss C and her husband. Aden and themselves underwent testing afterward, and it was then that they discovered it was not a genetic disorder that she or her husband was predisposed to pass. It was purely by chance. As a woman, procreating is our superpower, and it was difficult to blame herself. Their grief was immeasurable. Navigating their compassion for Aden and their pro-life beliefs left them shrouded in a cloud of disbelief, shame, and despair.

During their mourning period, the Roe v. Wade decisions in the Supreme Court lead to some fiery social media posts leaving them feeling under siege at all ends. They wished others would have grace and understand how difficult this decision is for those forced to make it. They would never have believed they would have had to make it themselves. Their experience has led them to create Aden’s foundation. It is still in the works, but they aim to give a community to those in this traumatic situation so they will not feel as alone as they had.

What brought her to me

After finding out about the diagnosis and before Aden passed away, she asked to have this themed photo session to help celebrate Aden. She wanted to be sure she would have positive memories of him. Although she has previously experienced boudoir photography with me, she left the session feeling just as empowered. Instead of embracing her sexuality, she focused on her womanly superpower of creating life and the changes her body was undergoing. She was choosing her narrative without allowing it to be portrayed otherwise. She felt that my work would help paint her outlook more positively. No matter what, she was able to celebrate her body.

Closing Thoughts

I was incredibly thankful that Miss C chose me to walk this path with her. I was extremely grateful when she offered to share her story for my blog. She hopes that her story will help others that go through similar situations. No one needs to suffer alone. Sharing allows you to find a supportive community where you may least expect it. She happened to find a supportive community on my Facebook VIP page. To all of you that embraced this momma when I shared her session photos, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have said it once, but I will repeat it; Everyone has a reason why they chose to step into my studio. I feel incredibly blessed that you all chose me to share your most intimate selves with me.

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