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Ms. T’s self love journey

May 27, 2022

Every Body is the Perfect Boudoir Body

Let’s talk about Miss T for a moment. She has always wanted to do a boudoir session but never felt like she had the ‘boudoir body type’ needed to get those sexy photos like the other girls she had seen. As luck would have it, she met another client of mine (Miss E) at her work while she was looking for something specific for her session and told Miss T all about me.

Miss T had joined my group and observed for some time before contacting me. She told me, “I want to be able to see what my husband sees.” As high school sweethearts, he has been with her through many stages of life and growth. But along the way, she lost the love she felt for herself.

Self Awareness

Following her first session, she was astonished to see herself in this new light, and she felt like she was ‘someone worth looking at.’ There is no such thing as the ideal boudoir body! Miss T had her self-image to re-evaluate following her breakthrough. It led to some hard introspection in which she discovered that she identified herself as a plus-size/bigger woman, primarily based on the section in which she would have to buy her clothes.

When Miss T shared her insight during her second session, it resonated with me. It blew my mind! She was inside a box that society had placed her in but realized that ‘identity’ did not promote a positive mentality. Miss T refuses to identify herself that way in this new state of consciousness. Now, she embraces her body and no longer compares herself to others. Her choice to love herself more has helped her and has had positive outcomes for her loved ones. She can help teach her children how to love themselves and prevent this body-shaming from polluting another generation. In choosing to love herself more, her marriage also benefits.

Self Love Starts Within, But Radiates Outward

The self-love journey is hard work. It is a constant effort. The constant feedback from Amanda and me during her sessions made her feel on top of the world. She had never experienced such an uplifting experience from other women before, and it was then that she decided to become that cheerleader for other women. Her choice led to her becoming a moderator on our Facebook VIP page. Which you can find by following this link

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