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Staying Hydrated for your Boudoir Session

May 31, 2022

We all know water is vital. But it is hard to imagine why it is so crucial that you drink your recommended daily water intake at least one week before your session. Drinking water will impact your session in various ways. From bettering your internal workings to your outward appearance, it will also help your muscles recover faster after your session. Because the human body is the focus of my work, I have researched how to benefit my clients best to achieve maximum results!

When you come into your session hydrated, your skin will be dewier and more voluptuous minimizing wrinkle lines. If you have adult acne, the extra water intake could help you clean out and shrink your pores, reducing swelling and preventing new breakouts. If dehydrated, your skin is more likely to age you in photographs due to its dry and tight appearance. Think of our sessions as an intense yoga class. You will sweat and work muscles that you do not use daily. With that water loss, you will need to continue to hydrate during your session to ward off muscle spasms and after to help replenish what you have lost and repair any muscle soreness. When hydrated, your joints will also be better lubricated, allowing you to get into and hold those sexy positions.

Although you may be fearful that you would be bloated for your session with all the added water, it will assist in flushing your digestive tract and improve your skin’s elasticity. This means it will work as a natural toner for your body (BONUS)!

It is recommended that you drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. So get to drinking, ladies! After reading about all these perks and seeing the outcome in photos, I hope you choose to love yourself a bit more every day, even if it is one glass of water at a time. Our skin is the body’s largest organ. By taking care of it, we assist in many other bodily functions. So drink that water and watch as the ladies on the VIP page compliment you on your ‘glowing’ skin!

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