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The Red Room with Miss C

April 9, 2022

Shooting with an experienced photographer like myself allows you to choose from scenes and a wardrobe that you may not otherwise pick for yourself. A great example of this is my latest Model Call with Miss C. In which, we tested the limited-time offer for the Red Room. Miss C shows us the sass and edge that perfectly matches this bold color. You could even say that this color inspired her to be more emboldened with her props and lingerie choices, making coming out of her comfort zone easier. Miss C has been in front of my camera before, but I have never seen her uninhibited side.

One of the reasons boudoir photography has become more popular is that more and more women are finding themselves breaking away from societal pressures and constrictions of beauty and sex. We choose to celebrate and embrace our bodies rather than hide them away with shame and hate them. What makes boudoir scenes like the Red Room so exhilarating is that we feel tempted to be the temptress that the Red Room begs for; we yearn for the control that is practically synonymous with its very name, or you simply love the color red. When finding your reason to do a boudoir session, there is no right or wrong. So I’m patiently waiting to get your booty in my studio chair! Set featured image




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