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You’ve decided to have a Boudoir Session

August 30, 2022


While that decision-making process is complicated, the hardest part is choosing your photographer. There are many parts to selecting who would be your best fit.

At the very top of your list should be knowledge/expertise. I have been a professional photographer for the last 13 years, with 7 of them being exclusively boudoir. By selectively choosing boudoir, I have focused my continued education, allowing me to continue developing my client closet and studio to better suit my clientele. While my ongoing education skills classes may not be necessary for my clients, it helps me discover new trends and broaden my horizons to serve you better. Of course, one of the easiest ways to determine any photographer’s knowledge and experience is their posing skills. So be sure to ask the photographer if they will assist and direct you through the posing process. There are many little tips and tricks that boudoir photographers use when tweaking a pose. It’s all about body language and making a photo believable. Of course, you want to look fabulous, but you also want the viewer of your picture to look at it, feel the passion, and wonder what you were thinking. So an experienced photographer will often watch how you move, take note of your mannerisms, and incorporate those into drop-dead gorgeous poses. I believe that quality posing makes boudoir sessions so intimidating to the untrained eye. It is okay and perfectly normal that you walk into my studio and have no idea how to achieve those seductive images you see in my portfolio. That is the ‘MAGIC’ my previous clients boast about on my Facebook VIP/Instagram page. My job as a professional is to help you look your best on camera.


Art is highly subjective. We all have preferences for what we like. A photographer’s style can set them apart from the rest. You should see a clearly defined style when looking at a boudoir photographer’s portfolio. Remember, photographers are artists, so styles can change and develop as they get more experience. Still, generally, it is not a drastic change as they tend to prefer a specific genre. Their portfolio should show a variety of images of different women in different poses, but all with a similar feel or style. Boudoir is very personal, and there are many ways to shoot it. Make sure you choose a photographer whose work you love and who makes you feel excited about your shoot. Shooting an elegant and sophisticated boudoir is more complex than you think. My goal is to accentuate my client’s best features and ensure that she looks amazing and feels fantastic, especially with the finished product. It takes a lot of work and practice to ensure that not only are the images stunning but also have the lady’s personality shine through for a more personalized experience.


I understand that pricing is typically the deciding factor for many people. But I like to think of it as an investment in yourself. Boudoir sessions are not simply to get some sexy photos of yourself. They are capable of so much more, and I want to give that to you. Allow me to show you what factors into the pricing. Years of Experience – editing hours, professional hair and makeup, earned profits. Ultimately, it is my preference and belief that a professional MUA brings a boudoir session to a whole other level. An MUA is standard practice within my services. It adds to my brand and gives clear expectations to all prospective clients. Amanda’s knowledge and skill level when working with studio lighting benefit both the clients and me. Therefore, her services are not an a la carte item. I believe in showcasing your beauty as is, but I do still edit the images. It is my restraint in editing that adds to my style/brand. Rent – shooting and cleaning hours, client closet, added strain on utility bills. Although the studio is in my home, it is a portion of our home that the family does not regularly use. Having the studio in my home allows for a more personal touch with my clients. It offers me immediate access to my clients’ needs. I spend many hours in the studio for each session and behind the scenes. The studio and all used client closet pieces are cleaned and sanitized between each client. Having my studio in the home cuts down on having to purchase a separate washer and dryer or a laundering service. Our extensive client closet has a permanent location so that no pieces are left at other sites and are readily available to clients. Display racks, bins, and hangers are all needed for the organization and proper storage of these items. Equipment – cameras, lenses, memory cards, computer, editing software, products included with sessions, and lighting. With quality, equipment comes quality work. Backup equipment lessens the likelihood of a stoppage in scheduling, production, and loss prevention. The sessions’ products come from quality and trusted professionals in printing. Their work is guaranteed. Business expenses- yearly licensure, insurance, accounting professional, advertising, continued education. There are many behind-the-scenes aspects when running a licensed and insured business. It is in my and my client’s best interest that I am up to date with my licensure, insurance, and education. All credible enterprises should be! Client Relations – client communications, social media engagement, website design, website management, and advertising. I spend so much time on social media battling their ever-changing algorithms. In doing so, I am developing my brand and furthering my goals of female empowerment. It is my pleasure to build and provide an uplifting place for all.

Being a boudoir photographer should be all about passion. It should come through in their website, portfolio, and in the way they talk. It is not simply about money and taking sexy photos. It’s about creating an experience for ladies that is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Your photographer should want to help you celebrate your femininity, your curves, and your beauty. I want to be that person for you!

I invite you to join our amazing Women’s group over on Facebook. Please only request to join if you are female and over the age of 18. Please follow the link to join.

  1. Julie k says:

    I appreciate your transparency when listing what goes into your pricing. As a consumer, I sometimes to take that into account.

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